Our Team

Executive Chef Humberto Montiel Bastamante

Humberto has had a passion for cooking since he was a child. He harnessed it by excelling in his training at the Culinary Institute of Veracruz, one of Mexico’s premier culinary schools. Humberto then continued to hone his craft under some of Latin America’s best chefs. He was the sous chef for the PMEX Corporation and the head chef instructor at the famed “Instituto Culinario del Caribe”. He has also owned and operated  a gourmet food truck. Humberto has worked for the Jerusalem Restaurant since 2010.



Head Pastry Chef Jose Filiberto Pach Balam

A naturally gifted baker, “Fili” got his first job in a bakery at age 10. He uses his appreciation for design and his eye for color to create outstanding dessert masterpieces, that both look stunning and taste sublime. His ability to transform flour and water into heavenly loaves of bread is legendary.




Sous Chef Guadalope “Guzi” Santiago Gonzales

An old hand around the kitchen who started young and has risen through the ranks. He is currently our very trustworthy and beloved “Guzi”.


Sous Chef Oscar “Miguelito” Miguel Rodriguez

A young rising star in the kitchen.


Baker Gerrardo Salazar

A very promising young man who is apprenticing under our head pastry chef.


line cook pedro “peter” gonzales)

line cook jose rodriguez

line cook cesar gutierez

line cook angel castillo

(line cook juan carlos fernandez